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Cable Management Essentials for Busy Offices

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If you run a busy office with a phone system, you likely have a lot of cables running around your office. Unfortunately, without the right cable management techniques, your phone cables can quickly become messy and cumbersome. To keep everything organized, consider the following essentials:

Velcro Bands



When phone cables are too long, they become difficult to organize. Ideally, you should take the time to invest in cables that are the right length for your needs, but even with a lot of effort, you will occasionally end up with overly long cables. Velcro bands allow you to wrap up these cables so they don't get tangled, and they don't threaten to damage your cables as rubber bands might. Zip ties can also work for this purpose, but velcro bands are easier to remove. 



Wire Management Trays



Many of the desks in your office may have power cables, phone cables, ethernet cables, and potentially even more cables than that. To keep these cables adequately managed, you may want to invest in wire management trays. These trays affix to the top, underside, or back of desks, and they have room for multiple cables. If you need to detach a cable to move an item or check a connection, these trays make the process easier by eliminating confusing tangles or other issues. 



Heavy-Duty Rubber Cable Protectors



If you need to run phone cables through a large expanse of space from one end of your office to the other, you may want to invest in heavy-duty rubber cable protectors. These cable management devices hold the cable in a long channel and cover them with a layer of plastic; generally, you can snap together multiple cable protectors to meet your needs. 



This setup allows you to protect the cable while also minimizing tripping hazards. With the truly heavy-duty versions of this cable management tool, you can even run cables outdoors and not worry about heavy trucks or equipment damaging the cables as they pass over them.  



A Data Cable Professional



To ensure you embrace the right cable management techniques for your needs, you may want to consult with a business phone system installation professional. They can look at all the cables in your office, help you identify which ones are essential, eliminate redundant cables, and keep everything organized. They can also help you set up advanced cable management techniques such as putting the cables under the flooring or into the ceiling.